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About Us

Organic Kitchen & Home Products Limited is an independent family run business.

Founded on 16th December 2010 the company acquired “Organic Heaven” on 31st January 2011 and started trading the same day.  

The company has two directors husband and wife, Noel and Paula Wilson.  Paula is the day to day manager of the business.

On the 27th June 2011 the upstairs cafe was opened by the Rt Hon. Toby Perkins MP for Chesterfield and in July 2012 extra seating was provided downstairs.

Even with the extra seating the business still has the same range of products and they are available on both floors.

Healthy life style

Our Ethos is for everyone to enjoy a healthy life style and our Motto is “Back to Basics”

We are a family run business located in the “Yards Area ” of Chesterfield town centre known for independent shopping. We are only a very short walk from the main high street known as Low Pavement and therefore very conveniently located in the town centre and market area.

The “Yards” Area

The puppy dog is one of the sculptures in the yards area that was funded by a European government grant.  The “puppy” is derived from the housing area known as the “Kennels” from many years ago. There is an imitation key enclosed in a secure box  on the plinth meant to symbolise an actual key to one of the houses.

There are many more sculptures positioned around the yards area.

Coffee and tea pots, vegetables, a falcon and many more.

Paula Wilson - Shop Manager and Director