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Yvette Cooper MP visits Organic kitchen & Home Products Ltd

Yvette Cooper MP decided to meet up with Alan Jones at Organic Kitchen & Home Products Ltd. Their meeting lasted for approximately 30 minutes and both had a cup of organic tea.  

The time with us was recorded with the photograph taken.

Organic Kitchen news


Shobna Gulati (Sunita from Coronation Street) visited Organic Kitchen & Home Products Ltd when on tour in Chesterfield. Shobna was touring with Joe McGann in the hit comical and romantic play “April in Paris” at the Pomegranite Theatre Chesterfield.

Joe also visited Organic Kitchen and had a refreshing organic meal.  

Shobna who played Sunita in the hit soap Coronation Street can be quoted as saying “Chesterfield has just gone up in my estimation because of Organic Kitchen” and visited the cafe and shop on more than one occasion.

Organic Kitchen was pleased that Shobna left us with a signed picture wishing us all the best.  We hope to see Shobna  and Joe next time they visit Chesterfield

Organic Kitchen has had many famous visitors, Yvette Cooper MP Shadow Home Secretary, Alan Jones Police Commissioner, Toby Perkins MP for Chesterfield, Joe McGann (who starred in the Upper Hand) and rock band “While she Sleeps” and Shobna Gulati (Suntia from Coronation Street).  

We hope that you will enjoy Organic Kitchen also.

Above is Shobna enjoying an evening with the famous Sheffield rock band “While she Sleeps”. The band booked Organic Kitchen for an evening meal before their gig at the “Real Time” venue.